Programe Zone

Rplus News broadcasts agenda-setting programs to cater across multiple age group of people, of different choice. The programs draw on the resources of Rplus reporters across Kolkata and correspondents around the West Bengal to cover the full spectrum of current events, with some programs focusing on specialist subjects such as world affairs, domestic politics, rural issues or business.

Our programs are lined up from morning to satisfy you news appetite, according to the research conducted across multiple age group of people, of different choice over all Bengal. We try to keep the essence of each program in its content  and give our valuable viewers  the best choice of view they can get.

  • khabor plus
  • L C A
  • Bango darpon
  • ranokhetro
  • toly wood plus
  • sports live
  • tumi asbe bole
  • jano kautuhol
  • aaradhona
  • good morning bangla